New Machine for Punch Buildup

     On September, 8, a new machine from the British firm Corewire was put into operation in PShP. It is designed for restoration of punches by building them up with a special wire in an inert gas medium. The machine is unique: as of today, there are only 10 such models in the world and none in Russia.
     The new buildup technology will make it possible to make punch service life 3-5 times as long, which will result in price reductions and quality improvement of punches. The machine is supplied with modern electronic controls providing high buildup accuracy and conformity to the European industrial safety requirements.
     Machine installation and personnel training were carried out under the direction of Corewire representatives - British engineers John Wichesher and David Williams, who came to Chelyabinsk Forg-and-Press Plant (ChKPZ) for this specific purpose. Part of the equipment was produced by the workers of our plant.

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