10.02.2012 | 00:00

Better than before crisis!

Joint Stock Company Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant sums up the results of the previous year according to the main financial and performance indicators. The year 2011 is characterized by the growth if compared to 2010 and according to some indicators even to before-the-crisis 2008. This is reflected in actual figures and facts.

Thus, the revenue in 2011 was equal to 4590.2 million rubles excluding VAT, that is on 4,3% higher if compared to 4401,7 million rubles excluding VAT in 2008. Production volume in natural units made 55 410 tons, that exceeds the corresponding rates in 2009 (31191 tons) and in 2010 (48055 tons), but falls behind the result in 2008 (65440 tons). The overall volume of main forging production marked an increase of 8,5% compared to the before-the-crisis level and reached a total of 30.303 thousand tons.

At the same time the year 2011 is marked by a insignificant growth in consumption of fuel and energy resources per a ton of the output, for which reason the whole range of corrective actions is planned for the current year. These actions will help to optimize the consumption of fuel and energy resources.

Average staff number hasn’t changed for the past 3 years, and equaled 2763 people in 2011. Average monthly income equaled RUB 23527. According to this rate CHKPZ is one of the leaders among the plants of the machine-building industry of the region.

Finally, such important indicator as labour productivity for one worker in tons increased by 15,8 % in 2011 if compared to 2008, and reached the total of 21 tons per person.

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