Stamping production

Stamping of facing parts and platform parts for light-vehicles and heavy-vehicles and other technique.


-          Head press of double action К7039 with the force 800/500t.f. (bed of the press 4000х2400mm),

-          Double crank presses PKZZ-I-1250,

Head press of double action Pelse 1000 force 500/500t.f. (bed 4040х2800mm)


Stamping of parts with oblong form like side rails, boosters, channel bars, bottom plates of fuel-servicing trucks etc. 


-          Four-crank press of single action model К4548 force 6300t.f. with moving table 2000х12000mm and double-crank press of the force 2500t.f.


Stamping of large-sized thick-gaged parts with the thickness up to 18mm.


-          Single-crank press PKZе-I-1250 1250t.f. with the bed 1600х1850mm.


Stamping of mid-sized thick-gaged parts of the thickness 12mm.


-          Single-crank presses PKZе-I-630 force  630 with the bed 1000х1510mm

-          Single-crank presses PKZе-I-800 force 800t.f. with the bed 1250х1650mm


Punching, drawing, bending, forming of small-sized parts of different forms with the thickness up to 12mm.


-          Single-crank presses of the open type model РЕЕ-II-250, П-040 and AR250 250t.f. with the bed 800х1250mm

Single-crank presses of the open type КЕ 2130А  100t.f. with the bed 560х850mm