Band saws Pegas, Herkules.

Cutting of billets for dies and spare parts from metal working and forgings of the weight up to 15 tons. Dimensions of the cutting area 1200х1400mm.

Rough processing

Preliminary turning of round billets into boundary dimensions, manufacturing of structural dies and spare parts for them.


Turning operations

Half-finish and finish turning operations. 


Chemical heat treatment

Catalytic nitriding of die tooling.

Equipment: nitriding furnace.

Milling operation

Half-finishing and finish milling of dies and spare parts, blocks, bolsters and die plates.


Heat treatment

Heat treatment of structural steels, quenching and tempering of die steels (4Х5МФС, 5ХНМ) under shielding gases.


Die tooling renewal by face-up welding

Welding of die cavities for Crank press and hammers with the flat die parting line, profile welding of dies of any die configuration.

Equipment: welding machine FORGEWELD, 2 robotized complexes MOTOMAN


Automatic control of die tooling with precision up to  0,001 mm.

Equipment: control-and-measuring machine GLOBAL, measuring arm Romer Arm with the scanning head.