We are having below equipment’s in our forge shop


We having 16Nos of press lines from 1000T to 6300T capacity.

All presses are equipped with induction heater along with preforming machines like reduce roll as required.

We are able to forge  up to 40Kg weight/Pcs & 375mm Diameter part.

(Seeproduct catalogue for details of part)

Up setters:

We are having 10 up setter line from 630T to 3150T capacity 

All up setters are equipped with induction heater /Gas fire continuous furnaces.

We can forge any type of axle shaft up to 400mm Diameter.

We are among few people who have 3150T capacity up setter

(Seeproduct catalogue for details of part)

Hydraulic Presses:

We are having  2 No of 1000T hydraulic press with phosphating  line.

Note: This line is under installation & we planned to do cold Extrusion of shaft weight up to 20Kg.


We are having 10 Hammers line from 2T capacity to 16T capacity equipped with preform facility and induction heater/Gas fired furnaces.

Our 16T hammer equipped with manipulator .

We can produce forging up to 450 Kg/Pcs.

Open die Forging:

We are having one set of line of 5T open die hammer.

We use gas fire furnaces for heating material.

We can make 500Kg weight/Part (Depends upon shape of forging)