09.07.2014 | 00:00

For a big pipe

Product of JSC (ОАО) «ChKPZ» is going to be used for the construction of one of the most strategically important project for Russia and Europe – gas pipeline «South Stream».

Negotiations with the new customer started in spring. The company-manufacturer of equipment for gas pipelines ordered a large run of high pressure flanges – these parts are required in quantities for the construction of some objects of the “South Stream”, and also for the new spring of the “North Stream”. «The customer is of great importance to us, it is a big plant that performs unique kinds of work, - are the words of the Head of the sales department for pipe fittings  Mr. Anton Dzenov. – Russian companies of such level can be counted on one hand, and it is a real achievement to become their supplier. To justify their confidence we must perform all the work with impeccable accuracy».

The first deliveries have been successfully carried out. The customer was satisfied with the product quality and signed new contracts with ChKPZ.

South Stream  — is a russian-italian-french-german project of a gas pipeline, which will be put along the bottom of the Black Sea from Anapa region to Bulgarian port Varna. Further on two of its springs will go through the Balkans to Italy and Austria, although their exact routes have not been approved yet. The construction began on the 7th of December of 2012 and is planned to be finished by the year 2015. The anticipated capacity of the “South Stream” – 63 billion cubic meters of gas per year. Estimated cost of the project – 16 billion euros. (source:Wikipedia.org)

One more challenging order for fuel and power industry which our plant is carrying out is connected with a major high-sulfide production field in Orenburgskaya oblast. A new material has been developed specifically for this order. Technological development of special flanges, production and dispatch of the pilot batch have taken place and been a success.  The shipment of the contractual lot is around the corner. «For this client quality and reliability are above all else, - says Mr. A.Dzenov  - Not so long ago they conceptually bought only constituents produced in Europe. After they have learned about our capacities and quality level of our product they decided to save some money.  If there is a positive result we’ll have one more major permanent customer».

Hot die forging and production of machined parts for oil-and-gas equipment and pipeline fittings have existed at ChKPZ since 2008 as a separate line of business.  Since then the plant has developed several dozens of product names and has shipped off thousands tons of product. This sector is considered to be one of the most perspective business lines of the plant.  

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