25.06.2014 | 00:00

A new robot at work

One of the most high technology areas of dies and tooling production of ChKPZ has been filled up with a new piece of equipment. Start-up of a robot welding machine has significantly increased the possibilities of the area of dies renewal.


This is already the second robot put into operation at this shop area. In total there are three welding machines working in the shop, two of them are robots, more up-to-date and accurate. The experience of introducing the technology to renew the worn-out dies by welding has demonstrated excellent results: metal consumption has gone down, the preproduction preparation rate has speeded up, the welded dies tooling life has increased by 30-40%. The machines installed earlier had only a few shortcomings: they were limited as for dimensions – they couldn’t renew large-sized dies, and consequently they were not able to restore all 100% of dies involved into production.

A new robot has arrived to the plant on the 28th of May and already on the 4th of June it was put into operation. Assembling, starting-up and adjustment works were performed together with Italian specialists – representatives of the robot Manufacturer,- partly due to this fact the work was finished in record-breaking time. «We have acquired a valuable experience thanks to our first robot welding machine that the plant bought last autumn, – says the head of Design-and-Development department of Dies and Tooling production and machining of ChKPZ Nikolay Radionov. Our specialists attended a training seminar at our foreign colleagues’, they went into details and examined the operation of welding machine at their production site. The skills they gained were reinforced here during actual work. That’s why the commissioning of the second robot has passed smoothly and with no complications”.   

The welding efficiency has as well improved due to application of technology of electric arc gouging, which allows to prepare the die for welding at the best possible way without milling process. The steel consumption rate decreases because of high precision work, and less machining is required after welding up. Therefore production of dies at ChKPZ has grown to be more efficient and economic.

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