11.07.2014 | 00:00

Smart furnace

Forging production of JSC (OAO) “CHKPZ” increases its capacities. Quench and tempering equipment was put into production after its modernization in one of the shops.  


«Modernization turned to be a considerable economy of resources. Refurbished furnace uses up less by 30%, while its capacities have increased, -  says Denis Tolstov, The Head of heat treatment department of JSC (OAO) “CHKPZ”. – Quenching tank is equipped with special systems allowing for significant improvement of quenching quality: system of beating out the vapour blanket and a system of quench medium cooling. The range of furnace working temperatures has been remarkably extended: 350-700˚С”. 

Modernization process was carried out together with foreign specialists invited for this purpose. To achieve the required performance parameters during heat treatment, new burners were installed, new control system, smoke exhaust system and a recuperator. As a result of these works the furnace corresponds to the most up-to-date world standards now. It is sure to open new perspectives for ChKPZ. In particular, for the nearest future it is planned to start cooperation with the biggest American group of corporations which is going to order from ChKPZ components for manufacturing pipeline fittings.

Besides, the capacities of ChKPZ to perform heat treatment will be more increased shortly because of the starting of the new highly-efficient equipment for the dies tooling production. The tempering complex for large-sized dies should start functioning this fall

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