25.12.2015 | 00:00

PJSC “Chelyabinsk forge-and-press plant” confirms the status of one of the leading equipment producers.

“Chelyabinsk forge-and-press plant” signed an export contract for supplying a complete forging line to Mexico in December.

The subject of the contract with a Mexican company is a production line consisting of 4 pieces of equipment: a forging press (2500 t/f), a trimming press (400 t/f), a coining press (1000 t/f) and some forging rolls. The company has all the required things – some highly qualified staff and engineering capabilities – to assemble and to launch such a line in a relatively short time.

Some overhauls of immense complexity and modernization for all pieces of line equipment will be done by efforts of the company staff on the production sites of “Chelyabinsk forge-and-press plant”. In the course of the works there will be used some components from the leading world manufacturers - DeLimon, Norgren, Balluff etc. An inductor was bought from the famous Italian company called CEFI. According to the experts’ estimates, the assembled line will be completely ready for operating in four months.

“Several complex stages have to be passed during the execution of this order. After the trial run of the equipment and a trial forging, all the pieces of the equipment will be disassembled, packed and transported to a Mexican customer” – said Mr. Alexei Nogtev, Deputy Director for Repair Production at “Chelyabinsk forge-and-press plant”. “Our technicians will do a supervising installation and starting-up operations in Mexico. The foreign customer will get not only a ready production line, but also a basic set of tooling and dies. The plant gives a year warranty for all the equipment.”

Huge engineering capabilities, some highly qualified staff and reasonable prices make “Chelyabinsk forge-and-press plant” a highly competitive company at the world market of forging equipment. Nowadays there are no companies in Russia that are capable of delivering production lines on a turnkey basis at the prices, which “Chelyabinsk forge-and-press plant” can offer.

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