Repkon Delegation at Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant

     OKZ is currently considering the issues of large-scale renewal of equipment. The firm Repkon is one of the potential suppliers of new wheel-producing machines.
     During their first visit on August, 3, Repkon representatives got familiarized with the plant. The purpose of their second visit was a detailed examination of OKZ production process. The Turkish firm’s delegation took a close look at the operation of profiled wheel production lines with diameters of 13-16 inches, 15-19.5 inches and 22 inches.
     Repkon’s representatives have noted, that the plant has qualified personnel; however, the equipment needs modernization.
     The use of machines offered by Repkon will make it possible to cut the weight of the blank, wheel, and, accordingly, entire vehicle. Weight reduction of automobiles is one of the most widespread and perspective trends in the world motor industry. Utilization of rolling-off technology leads to wheel weight reduction of approximately 10 percent. The vehicle’s dynamics improves. It allows cuts in metal expenses for wheel manufacturing. External turning, which inevitable leads to plenty of waste, becomes unnecessary with the application of rolling-off.
     Another direction of cooperation is investments in modernization of the most important production stages and improvement of certain manufacturing operations.

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