Seminar on 5S Basics

     On September 4-5th, ChKPZ hosted a seminar on the basics of 5S and Kaizen technologies. It was conducted by top managers of the Japanese automobile concern Isuzu – Yoshikazu Kozhima and Yutaka Sogo.
     The seminar was organized within the framework of ROTOBO program – an association for trade with Russia and Eastern Europe financed by the government of Japan. In March 2006, the association selected three (ChKPZ among them) of ten Chelyabinsk enterprises that had applied for participation in training programs.
     The seminar was designed for mid-level and top managers. Its program comprised of three lecture blocks and one training session: 5S basics, preparatory measures, compilation of evaluation lists. The lectures were accompanied by computer presentation, along with photos and short videos. The Japanese visitors also visited the plant’s shops and took a look at the organization of production.
     5S technologies have been being implemented at ChKPZ since the beginning of the year; the seminar held turned out to be a good opportunity for the plant’s employees to check their knowledge and assess the first results. The management of ChKPZ is considering the possibility of further cooperation with Japanese consultants.

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