Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant – Economic break-through!

     The plant manufactured 59367 wheels in April 2007. The plant’s sales income increased twice compared with February this year. The month income of the Wheel Sales Department made over hundred million rubles.
     Chelyabinsk Forge-an-Press Plant produced over 5964.15 ton forgings and 142000 wheels in the first quarter 2007. It’s 2.16 and 3 times respectively more than in the similar period last year. The growth dynamics in the first quarter exceeds the planned volumes for 2007 almost twice.
     New contracts are being concluded. Delivery volumes to GAZ-Group, KAMAZ and Kazakhstan are growing.
     A new program is being developed: wheels for special purpose vehicles. Chelyabinsk Forge-an-Press Plant started manufacturing of a new wheel, model 3931 (dimension-size 462-330) for semi-trailers, and tubeless wheels 6,75x17,5; 6,75x19,5 for light trucks and buses.
     New achievements are the result of “lean production” implementation – new instruments of quality management that are based on quality management principles developed by Toyota. The implementation started two years ago. Last year Chelyabinsk Forge-an-Press Plant got the certificate ISO 9001:2000 that confirms the compliance of the quality management system in the plant with the international standards requirements.

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