Overall results of CHKPZ production activity in March 2008

     In March 2008 Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant manufactured products for 394 781.5 thousand rubles and made 100.1% plan. Growth of sales volumes if compared with March 2007 is 25.9% (in comparable prices). Forgings as before constitute the majour range of manufactured products. The total amount of forgings produced is 157 848. 9 thousand rubles. The plan for open forging was ahead of schedule on 70%.
     Majour modernization of equipment and reorganization of production flow is being done on the plant mainly in the wheel shop and the stamping shop.  Experts from international KAIZEN institute manage the redesign of production areas. It will help to reduce occupied production areas considerably  (up to 40% in separate areas) and time spent on transportation of heavy workpieces. Free areas may be used for production development.

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