Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant has successfully passed GAZ Group audit

     On June 15-16 CHKPZ was visited by GAZ Group auditors who carried out technical audit of the production. The presentation of CHKPZ and GAZ Group companies, visit of production shops (forge, press, wheel and tool shops) and also business negotiations were included in the program. GAZ Group experts reviewed work organization on the plant, quantity and condition of the equipment and also analyzed loading of production capacities and possibilities of further cooperation.      The auditors gave a high valuation of capabilities of the plant. One of the advantages noted by GAZ Group specialists was modernization and reequipment which was taking place during the last years and also high production culture. Neither remarks nor claims were made by GAZ Group during the check.      As the result of the audit CHKPZ was offered to start taking into production a part of GAZ Group products not only form Gorkovskiy Zavod but also from the other plants which constitute the holding company.  For Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant that will bring profitable and promising orders.      “This audit meant a lot for our company, Alexey Kharushin - the head marketing and sales department - gives his comments on the event, as more than 60% of CHKPZ products (wheels, forgings and sheet-metal stampings) are manufactured for GAZ plants. Now we can say that we’ve passed the audit successfully and once again demonstrated that CHKPZ and GAZ Group have prospects for cooperation.”

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