Successful audits of Scania and Sollers on Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant

     Despite the world financial crisis Chelyabisnk Forge-and-Press Plant keeps its strategic priorities and continues searching for new reliable business partners. Last week in October Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant passed audits of Scania and Sollers.      Sollers is of the biggest OEMs on commercial vehicles market. Divisions of the concern are Zavolzhsky Motorny Zavod, assembly works in Naberezhnye Chelny, Yelabuga, and Ulyanovsky automobile plant. At present the company is going to start a new project for engine assembly and carries out technical audits of potential suppliers of parts and components.      Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant passed Sollers audit successfully. The auditors admitted that the audit result of Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant is one of the best that they have ever given to a Russian company.      At the same time Scania auditors came to make the second technical audit. Several months ago the world automobile leader made the Supplier First Assessment on Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant. At the end of the first visit there was reached general agreement of cooperation, but there also were some comments and recommendations given. This time Scania auditors came to check the improvements and were satisfied with the achieved results. Now Scania and Chelyabinsk specialists are discussing technical details of the new production range.

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