Chelyabinsk Forge-and -Press Plant will produce levers for AutoVAZ

     The company has signed the contract for delivery of 11 types of forgings for levers, including levers for models “Niva”  and “Chevrolet Niva” .  The pilot batch has already been sent to Tolyatti.      According to expert opinion, today the offroader “Niva” is one of the most promising products of AutoVAZ. Production of this kind of car was not cut or suspended in April and May, when the plant was forced to stop working. Receiving of the governmental loans makes economic opportunities of AutoVAZ  more optimistic. It should also be stated that according to agency “Interfax”, Vladimir Putin currently purchased offroader “Niva” for his personal vehicle park.      Levers are not the only kind of products that Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant can offer to AutoVAZ. Lately the parties have discussed the possibility of delivery of parts, produced by sheet-metal stamping. During top-level  negotiations the parties expressed their interest in development of partner relations.

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