CHKPZ has concluded contract with Scania

Chelyabinsk Forge-and-press plant will produce components for trucks Scania. The contract was signed with autoconcern, deliveries scheduled to begin in the spring of 2012. Now this is almost ready: commercial production, agreed, and decorated papers, opened an office with a warehouse in Sweden.

The contract - an important victory for JSC "CHKPZ." In fact, the plant received high marks from one of the most respected experts in the world auto industry. Multistage, complex process of authentication providers, through which the Swedes guarantee the quality of its products, includes a thorough check the partner enterprises at all stages of production, from steelmakers to delivery of finished products to the plant.

"It was not easy to start cooperation with Scania. But now for us to open broad prospects for work, "- said General Director of JSC" CHKPZ "Andrew Hartung, -" We hope in the foreseeable future to make parts for those foreign companies that make ready-made components and assemblies for Scania and other European giants. This is a big market, and Russian factories on it until you are, and we already have and plan to expand our presence. "

To maximize the successful implementation of these plans, the management of the Chelyabinsk Forge and other plants still have to spend a lot of work. In particular, the need to get authorization from the Swedish automaker's another Chelyabinsk company - JSC "Mechel", as well as several other suppliers of metal. It is necessary for a healthy price competition among metallurgists, without which work with European clients for domestic machine builders will be marginal.

"In connection with the upcoming Russia's accession to the majority of Russian industrial cooperation with the West becomes a matter of survival. Moreover, cooperation should be as close as possible, mutually beneficial, calculated for many years. And to entice the world's leaders in the partnership, our plants need to spend a great job, radically rethink its attitude to production and business in general. CHKPZ goes down this path, and we have already achieved initial success, but the most important victory - is yet to come "- A. Hartung concludes.

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