CHKPZ workers will speak English

Educate employees English begins "Chelyabinsk Forge Factory." This is an important component of strategic business development.

The training program was developed within the overall strategy of the company for about 4 years ago, but then began teaching first test, groups. However, due to some organizational problems have suspended training. Today, after a substantial revision of the curriculum, teaching factory workers start again.

Education will be held in several stages. First, "students" will test and break into groups, depending on the already existing knowledge and individual specificity. Next, the teacher will establish a training and form a separate schedule for each training group. The first training staff designer must pass technical departments forging and other manufacturing areas. It is their suggestions have given impetus to the training.

"Designers, engineers and other technical professionals are obliged to obtain the most current information about the discoveries, innovations, new technologies, equipment and other important events industry. This information is needed to boost production and improve product characteristics ", - says head of training Lyubov Shevchuk. - "In Russia there is not one of the periodical, which is to publish such material, so the factory library, there were several proposals to write and translate into Russian a number of specialized journals in English. However, a timely and quality transfer this amount of information required an army of translators. Of course, to train the workers themselves so much easier. In addition, knowledge of the language is useful and further contacts with foreign partners and customers ", - concludes LA Shevchuk.

English speak not only representatives of technical specialties. Training will be several hundred factory workers, from management to the organization of the production system of accounting.

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