CHKPZ will teach you how to work

Vocational training in 27 specialties conducts educational center of "CHKPZ." Recently granted a license of Ministry of Education and Science of the Chelyabinsk region.

The factory department of education and training before done by a licensed, however, this year a paper was harder for several reasons.

First, the number of occupations that is theoretical and practical training - they became more 7. Additionally obtained a license for such specialties as learning puncher, adjuster, forging equipment, welder for automatic and semiautomatic machines, and others.

Second, tougher requirements for the license applicant. Check for specially equipped rooms for both theory and practical training for, complete the appropriate staffing methodology documentation and educational literature on all the implemented educational programs, access to library and information resources and other means to ensure the educational process. In addition, much attention was paid to the qualification of teachers, both full-time and working under the contract. To meet the high requirements of the Ministry, 36 teachers of the enterprise have refresher courses.

"Today CHKPZ can be learned in such occupations as blacksmith-puncher, a fitter-repairman, hand-forged blacksmith, blacksmith hammers and presses, machine operators, mechanics mechanical works, plumbers, mechanics to assemble metal or other" - says the head of the Department of Training Staff CHKPZ Love Shevchuk - "This year we also received permission for training under special control RTN. This mechanic repair and maintenance of gas equipment, boiler operator and slinger. "

"Getting an educational license extremely important for us" - says Deputy Director of Human Resources and Social Development of "CHKPZ" Vasily Shevtsov. - "Today, for us, as for most manufacturing companies the personnel issue is especially acute as ever. Skilled produce very little, but for some items and does no longer to cook! Therefore, the question of training of workers, we have to decide for yourself. This has its advantages, because we train future employees at once allowing for the production processes CHKPZ, while giving them real-life practice in the workplace. This worker adapts more quickly to a new place and starting to show good results "- concludes the VG Shvetsov.

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