PCV Expo: First Results, New Perspectives

More than 5,500 professionals attended the international specialized exhibition PCVExpo, which took place in early November in Moscow, IEC "Crocus Expo". This year the show celebrated its jubilee - 10 years.

Their products to visitors provided more than 300 companies from 19 countries.
Pumps, compressors, pneumatics and pneumatic tools, motors, valves and other products showed manufacturers from Taiwan, China, India, Turkey, USA, Russia and 11 European countries. Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant has traditionally brought to the PCV, forgings and machined products pipeline valves in small, medium and high pressure.

"The number of visitors this year, pretty much, all the four days we worked in an intensive mode, although most visitors to the stand - already familiar to us», - says head of sales of valves, Anton Zen. - "I am pleased to note the positive shift in negotiating with many companies that a year ago were not really set up for dialogue and cooperation. In particular, a very good meeting was held with Chekhov plant energy engineering "- noted Mr. Zen. According to him, now from the Moscow region the company received an application for the development of several products, and all the plans CHKPZ the end of 2012 to learn more than 20 new products for this major supplier of valves for high pressure thermal and nuclear power plants.
"This partnership is well demonstrated by two positive trends in the market for us: company-producers of TPA increased demands on manufacturing quality parts and service level, and therefore more and more companies are willing to entrust the delivery CHKPZ" - concludes Anton Zen.
In general, representatives RCVExpo 2011 Chelyabinsk Forge spent more than 180 meetings. Many of these contacts have become an effective continuation of the ongoing negotiations, and if the trend does not change in the near term production of valves for CHKPZ will continue to expand. By the way, compared with 2009 sales of this area has grown five times. In the near future the plant - to increase the capacity of mechanical treatment plant and increase of production of forgings of high pressure on the basis of "RHM". All this goes to great prospects still young production lines of JSC "CHKPZ."

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