CHKPZ technical re-equipment and modernization in 2011-2012


Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant has invested more than 200 million rubles in technical re-equipment of the company. The majour part of this amount was spent on purchasing of new equipment and modernization of the existing one.

For example, in forge shops were installed new induction heaters which allow reducing material and power supplies consumption and increasing quality of manufactured goods. For manufacturing of dies and machining of wheel shop products the company has purchased high-precision NC machines Haas. Start-up of these machines allowed increasing productivity, quality of manufactured goods and broadening operations range.

CHKPZ modernized forge shop and purchased new equipment in Italy and Czech Republic. In the new year the company together with its foreign partners plans to start-up 2 new presses and some induction heaters. CHKPZ workers did great work in Saint-Petersburg under joint project with Kirov Works. The hammers were repaired, manipulators and other mechanical devices installed. Besides the experts of Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant took an active part in consulting their colleagues from Saint-Petersburg on repair and set-up of the equipment and other issues. Looking back in autumn of 2010 was created joint venture “Russian Forging Plants” and under this project the forge shop of Kirov Works was transmitted under management of CHKPZ. Using its own organization model based on up-to-date manufacturing standards, within 6 months CHKPZ turned unprofitable production into fast-developing and profitable business. .

More than 150 million rubles is planned for modernization of “Russian Forging Plants” in 2012 it is two times more than in 2011. In renovation and modernization of own production capacities in 2012 CHKPZ plans to invest about 400 million rubles. The majour part of this amount will be spend on modernization of forge production and extension of machining shop capacities. Besides in 2012 the company plans large-scale modernization of wheel production and it’s quite possible that it will be conducted with the help of foreign partners under joint venture.

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