11.06.2012 | 00:00

Jubilee of first forging manufactured at the plant

June 8, 1942 – first forging - piston rod for vehicle ZIS-5 - was manufactured at “CHKPZ” exactly 70 years ago. The hammer that made this forging is running till now, this is production line number 17 in forge shop-1. Memorial tablet was installed on the hammer in honor of memorable jubilee.

Memorable tablet was opened by veterans and order bearers that had been working on hammer at the time.

At first the hammer was running by steam but not by compressed air, and in military year 1942 they used driving force to start it up. “Air temperature in the shop achieved 60◦C! -  veterans remember the difficulties from the past. – Another problem was   heavy fuel oil that stopped to use only in the middle of the sixtieth. Could you imagine such picture: a new employee came to the shop’s doors and steam blenched out from half-darkness and running workers black from smut. Veterans visited the forge shop and were pleasantly surprised by cleanness and up-to-date equipment. Modernization of equipment is being implemented at the plant, electronic and automatic control of machines is installed. There are internet-connected hammers, they can inform “themselves” about their technical condition to Czech service-company and this company provides recommendations on repair and maintenance for our specialist. There is a unique 10 ton-force hammer that can machine large parts. 1 ton-force hammer is not high-technology machining equipment, but today it’s used to manufacture small sized piston rods, clamps and other small-size products.  


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