24.05.2012 | 00:00

Stainless pipe fittings and valves. Made by CHKPZ.

Renovation of equipment will allow CHKPZ expanding presence in valves market.

One of forge shop 2 manufacturing lines was started up after repair and renovation. The scope of renovation included installation of up-to-date induction heater, renewal of control and automation systems on the press. As a result, we have improved such indicators as geometrical accuracy of production, quality of manufactured goods, productivity and have reduced the level of defected parts. However, the majour effect of modernization is new manufacturing capabilities.

“This induction heater allows processing wider range of steels including stainless steels. That means that the plant can supply more valves and fittings to oil and gas industry, which extensively uses stainless parts, tells the head of valves and fittings sales department Anton Dzenov, We have successfully manufactured the sample batch and currently we are searching for orders.”

Let us remind, that nowadays CHKPZ manufactures more than third of the total amount of forgings for valves and fittings. This year the plant will increase machining capacities which together with forge production development will allow improving CHKPZ market position.

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