05.11.2012 | 00:00

Environmental Monitoring Online

OAO ChKPZ implements agreement with Chelyabinsk administration regarding equipage of plant with continuous emissions control tools.

The document itself was signed in 2011, thus making Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant one of the few plants in Chelyabinsk to voluntarily submit emissions data based on a particular source. The continuous emissions control tool was purchased and installed at the plant’s own expense.

 “Compared to other participants of this project, the gross volume of contaminants emitted into the atmosphere by our enterprise is insignificant” – as told by Anna Sidorova, Deputy Head of Production Safety Department. – “Our plant fully complies with environmental legislation, inclusive of marginal emission norms; therefore our management hardly had a problem with signing the partnership agreement with the city administration”.

Let us also recall that shrub and tree planting was carried out in Leninskiy district of Chelyabinsk by efforts of ChKPZ personnel as part of a previous agreement with the city: some 200 trees were planted by the plant workers’ own hands. Also in the beginning of 2011 OAO ChKPZ received a reputable evaluation with the international ecology experts – the ISO 14001 certificate.

“The plant invests into environmental issues on a regular basis, implementing various programs through which we plan to minimize negative impact on the environment. For example the implementation of rainwater treatment facilities construction project is actively under way, with total project value amounting to roughly 5 million rubles” – says Anna Sidorova.

Monitoring results of emissions from the emitting source located in one of the forge shops can be found on the plant’s website where one can find a special page dedicated to environmental security.

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