21.11.2012 | 00:00

Amongst the ‘Unique’s’ List

OAO ChKPZ enters the federal list of sole suppliers of forestry equipment. Document signed by the Prime Minister.

 The list was drawn up by the Russian government as part of implementation of the federal forestry management modernization program. A correspondent government order (№158 dated 25.08.2012) was issued in the end of summer.

OAO ChKPZ ended up being within the 52 engineering companies allowed to supply state customers with special-purpose machinery directly and tender-free. In 2012 alone more than 3.5 billion rubles of federal budget were scheduled for disbursement in order to implement the program.

 “As of today, dozens of contracts have been concluded for supply of HARTUNG brand special-purpose machinery to forest fire fighters. That makes more than fifty low- and high-bed semitrailers with bearing capacity up to 40 tons” – says Ekaterina Mustafina, special-purpose machinery sales expert. “Considering complicated operating conditions, such machinery is manufactured supplied with a range of extra options. For instance equipping a semitrailer with a vehicle dolly will effectively make it compatible with practically any brand of truck. Trailers might even be attached to wheeled or tracked tractors.” – as added by E.Mustafina.

Under terms of pre-concluded contracts, ChKPZ trailer supplies have to be carried out already in December-January, so that machinery passes tests and is ready for duty by the beginning of the fire season. 

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