21.11.2012 | 00:00

Twice as Effective

New technology from Russian inventor allows to considerably increase OAO ChKPZ die production efficiency.

New nitriding furnace for die tooling tempering has successfully passed the start-up and will soon be commissioned to full capacity. Catalytic gas nitriding temepering technology suggested by Vladimir Syropyatov, distinguished mechanical engineer and talented engineer was patented in Russia. Theoretically it allows to increase die life by half or even twofold above normal; in practice – even more, as the trial run was made in forge production scoring a die life increase by 2.5 above normal.

As mentioned by Dmitry Tolstov, OAO ChKPZ chief metrologist: “Upon treatment in a nitriding furnace, even a thin layer of metal, up to 0.3mm will have higher durability than that of a standard die tempered by previously used method. Processing rate is also higher with the new technology. Ultimately it results in considerable cost-effectiveness”.

The new furnace is not only more effective but also much more convenient in operation as it is equipped with automated control systems which will also contribute to the die tooling quality in ChKPZ. Upon completion of all bureaucratic procedures in Rostekhnadzor (Federal Russian Service for Technical Supervision) the nitriding furnace will be operating in default mode.

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