27.12.2012 | 00:00

One of the first plants in Russia to produce wheels with tires

It is an important step for all Russian mechanical engineering : leading manufacturers  abroad have started to assemble machines out of entire assembly units long ago, while in Russia this approach is only beginning to develop. Only few domestic suppliers have been familiar with this method  of production, and very soon ChKPZ is going to become one of the best performers  that offer wheels assembled with tires directly form the plant.

Presently the plant conducts preparations for the start of the new way of work: bidding process for the supply of all necessary tire-fitting equipment has been initiated. The work is supposed to start already in January-February 2013.

“As far as the choice of the tire supplier is concerned  - this will be clear with the tender results, we are intended to choose optimum alternative of Quality-Price Ratio”, reports Deputy director for wheel production of ChKPZ Viktor Gartung. – We have met both Russian and foreign tire manufacturers and we’ve got the vision of this issue solution. Since the tire cost is N-fold more than the cost of a wheel disc in the total cost of the assembled unit – we will need significant current assets for launching of a new direction. But in the end it is bound to stimulate sales growth  and increase profit”.

Although ChKPZ is not the first plant in Russia who would offer wheels assembled with tires – its production will be unique for our country. It’s the first time Russian factory is going to balance wheels for lorries. Up to now this was performed only by foreign producers – Russian wheels for trucks were exploited being unbalanced. It’s needless to say that performing of this operation will improve travelling comfort of the truck, will prolong the lifetime of the tire and the wheel as a whole. Balancing stand is included in the list of the purchased equipment so that the very first supply from ChKPZ will have balanced wheels of the European level.

Prospectivity of the wheel production in the new form has never been in doubt. Special vehicles produced by plant will be equipped with such tired wheels as well, by cutting costs and offering production of high quality to its customers. Negotiations on this subject have been over already at the moment , companies that are ready to buy wheels with assembled tires are now among the constant clients of the plant. For the time being the authorities of the plant are planning to start deliveries of the wheels with tires starting form February 2013.

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